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wedding contract

By signing the contract and providing a retainer, you are agreeing to the following:




a. The retainer and signed contract reserves the date and time agreed upon and the videographer will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the retainer is non-refundable if the wedding is canceled for any reason including, but not limited to acts of God, fire, extreme weather, break-up and/or financial hardship.

b. If for any reason, client changes event date, the retainer can be transferred to a new event date if Tiffany has the date available: otherwise, there is no refund for retainer paid. Videographer will only honor the original fee if the new date is within 6 months of the original wedding date. If the new date is not within 6 months of original date, client can choose to pay current photographer/videographer’s rate, or forfeit the retainer.

c. In the event of postponement, directly resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiffany Noel Videography must be notified within a reasonable timeframe to attempt rescheduling. If Tiffany Noel Videography is able to accommodate the suggested date change a rescheduling addendum must be signed by all parties and no rescheduling fee will be required to hold the new date.




a. It is the clients’ responsibility to schedule and receive permission to use various locations for photography/videography, including the wedding and reception locations and any other locations used during the day.


b. It is the clients’ responsibility to negotiate any photography/videography limitations or requirements during the wedding ceremony with the wedding officiant to preserve the sanctity and tradition of the ceremony. Photographer/videographer may be limited by the guidelines or rules of the ceremony official, ceremony venue, or reception venue.


c. Client understands and agrees the photographer/videographer will abide by such guidelines or rules that they are outside the control of the photographer/videographer. Client agrees to hold photographer/videographer harmless for the impact such guidelines or rules may have on the finished product.




a. As an artist, I reserve the right to artistically interpret what I see and in what ways I choose to film a scene. This is my interpretation and vision as an artist. 


b. There is no knowing what videos will be produced from this endeavor simply because this is an event of the future. 

c. Tiffany Noel Videography does NOT guarantee any one exact moment of your wedding day will be included in your film.


d. Estimated film lengths are NOT guaranteed. 

e. Editing of your film does not begin until final payment is received. 


f. If videographer is exposed to unsafe conditions or objectionable or illegal acts at the Event, Tiffany reserves the right to take reasonable action to remedy such a situation, including but not limited to leaving the Event. In such event, Tiffany shall not be obligated to refund any of the fees paid by Client because of such action.



a. All videos taken by Tiffany at the Event, in whatever form, are copyright-protected.  Any copying, scanning, reprinting, duplicating, or altering of the videos taken by Tiffany, without Tiffany's express written permission is a violation of federal copyright law.




a. 2 weeks following the wedding date you will receive a 30 second sneak preview of your wedding film. If given permission, this will be shared on Tiffany Noel Videography's Facebook and Instagram account. Please allow for 6 months following the wedding date to complete the full wedding video. (Full audio editing, full video editing, including color correction, etc.) After the final highlight video is complete and delivered to the client through Vimeo Link, the client will receive their DVD's and/or USBs in the mail with the highlight video and extra footage.  

b. Final product arrival dates and turn around times are estimated and NOT guaranteed.

c. If you choose to pick your music from a list of songs Tiffany provides for you, your turn around time will be 6 months from the time you give Tiffany the music. 




a. In the unlikely event that Tiffany falls gravely ill and/or incapacitated prior to and/or on the wedding date, all reasonable efforts will be made to find a substitute replacement. Termination of this agreement will happen upon rejection of the substitute and a full refund will be processed within 15 business days. 


a. Couple is responsible for supplying dinner to Tiffany and Assistant when 6 hour or more package is chosen. Dinner is preferred at the same time guests are eating in order to be ready to film following dinner.